Greetings and thanks for reading.
Why running?
Running, fellow hunter gatherers, makes me feel mortal. It grounds me and elevates me and helps me explore the world inside and outside my eyes. Ted Hughes' 'Bang of Blood in the brain deaf the ear' comes to mind.
This blog follows me as I train for my first marathon, and possibly beyond. It will deal with the trials of training and juggling life through the prism of a literary lens than one might not necessarily expect, or perhaps would expect, to find in a sea of lycra and vaseline. You'll see. It is not about VO2 max or quads or cross-training. It is about feet on the ground and heads in the hills. It is about a 'journey' - yes I know I am heading into fromage territory. It is about what writing makes of running and what runners make of writing. Frankly, like someone at the start of a race, I don't know quite what form it will take.Please join me and drop in, squat at the kerb a la Paula Radcliffe, read and reap (or weep)and run with me as I lope towards the finish line.


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