One more thing - I am finding the title of this 'blog' - and the whole enterprise if I am truthful - excruciatingly cringey. There are so many voices out there. I feel alternately like I am shouting into a void - or talking to myself. Both equally mad! The literary bit is cringe-tastic too but it is just a 'handle' I suppose and nothing I have to live up to.
I suppose the crux of this little writing enterprise is like running itself - you have to just get out and do it, step by step, letter by letter. this is my practice, my limbering up, my training run. On those cold wet dark days when I squash my boobies into a running bra and fold my body into running tights I remember how good it feels to have done it. To have got out there and pushed my body. Ditto with writing when my head is fizzing and there are a thousand other things to do. Get the words out on paper. Doesn't matter if they aren't up to much.


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