yeah! - feel much more positive after a great 20 mile run today. I did the first half with someone else; the conversation and companionship really helped distract me and then I stopped off for a tasty squirt of energy gel (reminds me of a certain body fluid) before heading off on second lap. After 16 miles I was into new territory as I hadn't run longer than that before - this meant that every mile was both exciting and a triumph. I finished three hours 7 mins. I did really gentle nine minute miles and tried to get immersed in music. Without wanting to jinx myself I did feel that with the support of crowds/energy drinks I could probably have managed another six miles. The hardest bit was stopping at roads and waiting for the traffic and then starting up the ol' legs again.
The next four weeks are now called 'monster month' apparently by proper runners - and the most important in training. Cripes. I will try and keep my motivation up. It's only four weeks of my life..
Back to my delicious glass of wine - and thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks for your blog. It's nice to read about your runs. Any type of training regime can be tricky to stick to but I find it motivating reading your accounts. Keep up the good work!

  2. I also find stopping at traffic lights and then starting again VERY hard.


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