And now what?

The first few days after the marathon I coasted along on a sea of congratulations and well-being resplendent in my 'LonDONE' t-shirt. It felt good, every twinge was a pleasurable, tangible reminder of my efforts and the more my body ached, the better I felt inside.
But the last few days have felt curiously flat and anchorless - a feeling I do not often have. I feel like my sense of purpose and focus has been lost and rather than blindly rush into a new challenge I should stop, lick my wounds and focus on the present...
The running has been a wonderful activity in its own right with plenty of inspiring offshoots - but, to some extent it has also been a displacement activity from writing, a huge prevaricatory excuse not to sit down and face a blank page which, for me, is more daunting than a marathon.
So...this must be it now, I must set out on that unexplored path, otherwise it will never happen. But first, I have clothes to wash, carrots to plant, a puppy to buy, people to hang out with, ...what was i saying again?
Get on with it Westcott


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