Back To School

Well, it's been a while but I can't let this blog go swirling down the cyberspace pan so here is an early autumnal offering in time for the new term.
Obviously I have been doing no running whatsoever which is really rather pleasant. Though I am looking forward to a few scampers out in the mists, it is good to not have a race goal and to be able to run just for the joy of it.
In the meantime, I have had a pretty great summer, and our days were full with the children and visiting places.
Here is a poem I wrote ages ago when the kids were toddlers and I was utterly subsumed by their demands whilst remaining aware of the temporality of it all...if that doesnt sound too poncey. It already feels obsolete - they don't watch CBeebies any more and the spotty mug got dropped (by me!) years ago..still have the orchid though!
It's pretty hard to write about my children (for me) - so this may only have personal resonance rather than anything wider but, hey, have a read if you like.

Oh But I Miss This (Already)

Up early at six. Unlock the door

put the milk bottles out in the frost

hot-bottomed from the (green) dish wash,

melting perfect circles into the grass.

Shout at the the children (a little bit)

for spilling milk on the (freshly mopped) floor,

brew tea-for-one in the spotty mug

waft the steam towards an orchid,

hope it might simulate the tropics.

Examine the plated bud for a minute

now make them their toast. Honey or jam?

Both, they cry. Wipe their clown mouths,

turn on CBeebies (just for a bit),

pick up the end of Thought for the Day.

Dip their crusts in (softened) butter.

Don't bother to sit down.


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