A coupla things..

I was pleased to win first prize in a poetry competition on the subject of climate change with a poem that riffs on Seamus Heaney's writing - called Birth of a Naturalist.
Nature is a subject I am drawn to and Gillian Clarke is a wonderful poet so it was gratifying my work meant something to her. I will try and post up the poem soon...


I am also thrilled to have five poems in the beautifully made Days of Roses anthology, edited by my friends Declan Ryan and Malene Engelund. The launch last week was a fabulous success - with Jo Shapcott reading her poetry from the book - along with the other contributors - (apart from me - I was in Cornwall) and I look forward to hearing what people think. It should be on sale on Amazon soon.

Finally, I have a poem in 14 magazine - this is a wonderful little magazine, skillfully edited into a stimulating, provocative collection that almost becomes a meta-poem. It is a pleasure to read and I love the quirky illustrations -

Some comments from poets about the mag -

"A great magazine - distinctive and highly individual... I love the simplicity of the format
and its lack of fussiness, and the illustrations complement the text beautifully."
(Jeremy Page, The Frogmore Papers).

"14 magazine is a delight - sparky and interesting poems, complemented by splendid
design and artwork".
(Katherine Gallagher)

"Such care is impressive."
(A.C. Clarke)

"The sort [of magazine] that keeps me reading."
(D.A. Prince)

"Wonderful in every way."
(Richard W.

"What a beautiful thing 14 is."
(Tom Chivers, Penned in the Margins)

- http://www.fourteenmagazine.com/

thanks for reading


  1. Wow- congratulations! I enjoy your work and this blog- very much. AND you have inspire me to do the 30 poems in 30 days challenge. Oh gosh...i hope i can do it this year!
    best- tara

  2. oh thank you so much! Did you manage to do the 30 poems? I nearly did but life got in the way. Thanks for your nice comments about my blog, I will go and visit yours now. Sarah


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