Fast thing

Phew, finding it hard to get these daily scribblings out, what with it being the Easter holidays and having the kids around, not to mention a hormonal puppy!
This is what the (helpful) NaPoWriMo website says -

"We’re almost two weeks in now, and this is usually where people start to flag a bit…but take heart, it only takes 5 minutes to write a poem. Yes, it usually takes longer to write a good one – but the point here is to just get something down, not to edit it to perfection. You can do that in May!
In that spirit, I present today’s prompt: the five minute poem. Get a kitchen timer, or use your watch, whatever. You are NOT ALLOWED to spend more than five minutes on this poem. Here’s a bit of a topic, so you don’t waste time: write your very fast poem about something fast. Jackrabbits or bullet-trains, comets or greyhounds. Quick, like a bunny!"

Here's what I did - it took 2 mins..

If Usain Bolt was as fast as you
we'd be over the hedge and past the moon,
dinging at the edges of all we know
while the coffee cooled..


  1. No interest in the lover
    nor for the poet at all
    you no longer see the man
    who stands beyond your wall
    no song to sing in harmony
    no lyrics both recall
    no need to understand
    the boy, the poet, the man, at all

    Sorry Miss,
    For some reason beyond my explanation I intended to write something quick about rabbits... but I read your poem and either the intonation or the mood of it caused me to feel melancholy. Perhaps something about the 'moon' or 'all we know'. At any rate you caused me to produce this poem in under 3 minutes. Perhaps you can now be my muse across the ocean. Lovely site!

    Kind thoughts,

  2. well thank you for your post and kind words, and I'm glad my scribbling was a prompt for you..


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