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April is National Poem Writing Month (slightly oddly abbreviated into NaPoWriMo) - which is actually a pretty good idea. In the name of poetic flow I am going to join in by writing a poem of some sorts every day and posting it up here. I promise to begin each poem from scratch every day (even though I have started a bit late!) and while they may not be poems, but notes or jottings or fragments, I hope they provide some inspiration for future writings and also get me knuckling down to some regular work - like practising scales. I will also be interested to see if any themes emerge. I have been awfully distracted lately..
Here is my first poem - written this morning with some gentle half rhymes in lines 2 and 4 of each stanza. If anyone reads it, I hope you like it well enough.

Spring Song

In a child’s low hum

the run of a knife

along the seam of a fish,

barred sand at low tide.

In heaps of grass clippings

the flick of a mop on a sunny floor

a nest of mice packed like sausages

wind turning birch leaves silver.

In the points of a sycamore leaf

and the daisy’s stippled eye

the thrush’s immaculate stab

the bloom of lichen and sun rise.

In the vole’s pinhole camera eye,

the furred edges of leaflets,

the startle of sudden dandelion

the efflorescence of catkins.


  1. btw, just cos I post them doesn't necessarily mean I "like" them..!


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