Poem of the day

Found it hard to find time to do this one, scribbled it down at work - and it needs work - but I quite like it..


I found him in the dog rose
on a Tuesday afternoon:
it took all my patience
to unhook his skin,
lift him away, whole.

His heart was still lit,
like a torch under bedclothes,
his eyes were crusted with crystals.
He tasted of the dark,
turning and folding into the sea.

I took him to the shed,
made him a nest of raspberry canes -
he shone like hot meat
but kept his eyes closed.
His fingers were dry and warm,
his arms an old woman's .

They found us growing together
and all the flowers were brighter
and the sky came down so close
I could blow him back again,
easy as thistledown.


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