Primrose fragment

I was sorry to have no time whatsoever to write yesterday; I was with family all day and then straight to work till gone midnight.
Still, here is today's offering to the great god of the interweb with its gawping cyber mouth from the washes of my subconscious... (!?)
I like using some botanical terms - primroses (Latin - first rose) are either pin or thrum eyed - it's to do with the sex parts at the centre of the flower - and release a strong scent at nightfall to attract pollinating insects...I'm not sure about anthropomorphising flowers - and its something Alice Oswald has already done inimitably well, but its just an exercise...


Prima rosa - not prim at all
in the startle of hedgerow, sump of bank
you flower quietly, persistently
meltable cream,
you move with the rain,
right again,
on narrow stalks from the deepest loam

you rise in the light from knotted root stock
- pin-eyed, thrum-eyed, you glow strong,
lift your skirts wide and high
wait for moths to come crawling
down your throat, up your legs -


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