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I did the prompt today from the NaPoWriMon website - a prompt of erasure/recombination using a paragraph from Annie Dillard’s book, The Writing Life.

"Your mission is to create a poem, either by erasing words from the paragraph, or recombining the words that are already there (you don’t have to use all the words, of course. And you can add new words, if you wish"

Here's the paragraph -

“I pulled down the curtains. When I leaned over the typewriter, sparks burnt round holes in my shirt, and fire singed a sleeve. I dragged the rug away from the sparks. In the kitchen I filled a bucket with water and returned to the erupting typewriter. The typewriter did not seem to be flying apart, only erupting. On my face and hands I felt the heat from the caldera. The yellow fire made a fast, roaring noise. The typewriter itself made rumbling, grinding noise; the table pitched. Nothing seemed to require my bucket of water. The table surface was ruined, of course, but not aflame. After twenty minutes or so, the eruption subsided.”


I was red curtains, a typewriter, sparks

you burnt round holes in my shirt

I filled my gut with water

you began to fly apart -

shattered tiny coils and springs

shining in the dust

(Caveat: there is no way, normally, I would ever 'publish' such stuff to be read by anyone ( including me - i'd screw it up and throw it away) however, the discipline of writing something every day is proving really fertile so I will keep going, with interest.)


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