what to say?
I've been reading a lot (Ruth Stone) and collecting some lovely language - mouldiwarps, chuggypigs two of them (that's moles - old English with Germanic origins - earth thrower) and woodlice (Devon dialect)..
May is the most fecund time of year in the UK - leaves, leaves everywhere, and the swifts have just returned. There have been some beautiful skies recently.
Yes, May is peaking and I am nostalgic for the potential of April already..


  1. I'm so very nostalgic as well...sentimental too I think. I've been on a small holiday and thought I'd just say hello.

    Kind thoughts

  2. where did you go? Hope it was a good trip x

  3. Sarah,
    I've sent you an email to the address attached to this site. I thought it more appropriate than a lengthy comment.

    My best


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