Four weeks in

...and the marathon training is going well, so far. The running is giving me a vitality and structure that was certainly needed..
I'm trying to do a basic Runner's World sub 4-hour schedule and I can definitely feel myself getting faster and stronger which is gratifying. I have also been to a couple of club session with the Cambridge Harriers which are really useful; running in a pack means you are pulled along by the others and also negate your autonomy which is rather refreshing.
And I've got some races lined up so it's all going well and I feel pretty lucky.
As for any writing ... hmm. I want to but not enough to sit down and do it. Think I am wedged under some serious unconscious prevarication barriers. Or maybe I just need to pull my finger out. !
I have joined a new poetry course called Breaking the Habit and the tutor (Stephen Knight) suggested a poet for each student to sink into and really read deeply. He assigned the poets after reading a selection of our work. We got them in little sealed envelopes and were told to open them on the way home (but I opened mine secretly there and then - what does that say!?)
To my amusement, mine was Philip Larkin who is one of my favourite poets (not so sure about his novels). Love his delicate craft and soaring, nihilistic flights. Or something. Here's to gazing at High Windows.
Thanks for reading..


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