Back to it

Back to marathon training after being ill which knocked ten days out of it. It was 15 miles or bust today so I strapped on a backpack and got going. I enjoyed the incantatory feel of the names and places as I plodded through them, Bexley, Danson Park, Bexleyheath, Welling, Shooter's Hill, Blackheath, Greenwich, Deptford, Surrey Quays, Rotherhithe, Bermondsey and finally London Bridge where I stopped in the shade of the Shard and took a train home in a state of mild euphoria. I also saw, amongst other things, roadkill, a nuthatch, crocuses galore, two used condoms, a pigeon making a nest and plenty of happy looking people enjoying the sun. But in general it was a head-down get through it kind of run and I don't know how people manage to run with backpacks as it was rather an encumbrance. Still, feeling pleased for getting going again as the hardest part is forcing myself outside and getting started. Thanks for reading ...


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