Early Spring Greetings

Some good news on the poetry front - you can follow the link below. http://www.flippedeye.net/venture I did a 20mile race last weekend in Essex with my sister Lucy - she's a super runner and really got me round. We finished in about 3hours 4mins so not bad. Every step after 15miles was new territory for me and there was no way I was going to stop plodding. We managed a sprint finish, overtaking a woman in purple who had been just in front of us for the whole run, which was satisfying. "Think of Dad" I said, and we held hands as we finished together. Thanks Luce. Running with Lucy did make me feel I need to try a bit harder and focus more. I go into la-la land when I'm running, looking at the clouds, birds, surroundings, and disppearing into music. A bit more external focus wouldn't go amiss. Thanks for reading.


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