Long Run

Dear Readers I'm feeling quite proud of myself (and I don't often feel that, let alone state it) - the reason being that I got out of bed early and got my 21mile run out of the way...I felt strong and determined all the way round so I suppose, running being the honest activity that it is, my training is having a positive effect. I saw a white egret in Sutcliffe Park, a bit hunched up in the rain, and also joined in a cross country race in Avery Hill park. It was quite amusing to segue into the herd and do a few laps with them before peeling off like a runaway bovine..after a few hours running on your own, it doesn't take much to make something interesting. I tried to keep doing 9 min miles and finished in 3 hours 18 so not bad. Still not sure how I would do another five miles to make a sub-four marathon though. Maybe the pleasure from training should just be enough and I shouldn't put extra pressure on myself. Till next time ...


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