Well, I did my second London marathon in 4hours 10 minutes which I'm a bit disappointed with. But given the circumstances, it was respectable enough. It has only fuelled a feeling to do a better time. And the thing I was proud of is not stopping to walk even in the 'tunnel of doom' at about mile 23... I hadn't appreciated how different it would be to my first marathon experience both physically and mentally which was interesting. Maybe in the same way giving birth is totally different each time. I also ran without accoutrements (garmin, music) which are, probably, psychological crutches. (This was because I rather daftly left them at home). Running 'free' added to a slight feeling of being in totally new territory. I had to pop some painkillers half way round but my rib was only really noticeable at the beginning and end. Best things were the wonderful crowds all the way round; families with bowls of oranges, little children in deckchairs along the kerbs, steel bands just when you needed them, April sunshine, overtaking Iwan Thomas, thinking of my family waiting at the end.


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