Lucky London

I got an email last week out of the blue offering me a media place in this year's London Marathon. How lucky. I ummed and aahed for an evening before saying yes. Well, life is short and I am very fortunate to be offered a place. And to be healthy enough to run.
So .. that gives me, from this week onwards, eleven weeks till race day. I suppose I need to "manage expectations" and not become too time-obsessed or perfectionist. Just to enjoy it. I think I will focus on doing a good long run every week, going up in increments of two miles every week until I get to about 20 miles. My longest run at the moment is about 8 miles, at 8.30 pace if I try hard, so I have some work ahead. I'd like to be able to do a couple of long 18-20mile runs before race day. And keep on doing short, sharp park runs. And, most of all, to enjoy running itself and all it brings, inside and out.
The most daunting thing is fitting it all in, time-wise. It will be harder than before because I am occupied an extra day a week, and also studying as well. And I have a big poetry project coming up..more of which later.
However..I am excited about this opportunity already. Very excited! Thanks for reading.


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