The Boston Marathon

Millions of people must be shocked and appalled by the atrocities at the Boston Marathon finish line.
To cynically target a mass sporting event is particularly repellent. This was a joyful, non-partisan expression of hope and good-will. A triumph of the human spirit. Now the world has shifted, irrecovably. To paraphrase Philip Larkin, "Never such innocence again".

This Sunday, of course, it's the London marathon - the second in the international series after Boston.
Fears and security will be heightened and I wonder if the bombings will affect the atmosphere. I hope London pulls together as a mark of respect to Boston and puts on an amazing race.

I've been feeling a bit unwell these past few days. This puts it all in perspective. I have legs to run on - that is enough! Are we not all trapped in our own little orbits of self-regard?
The Boston marathon runners, organisers and spectators will all be in our thoughts this Sunday.


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