National Poetry Day

It's National Poetry Day today - Prince Charles was apparently on R4 Today reading a bit of Dylan Thomas - (!) and I saw a haiku pinned up on the tube. The theme this year is that wonder stuff, water, so here's my little rain drop contribution 


I almost drowned that day
behind the lock-ups where lilac pushed rude cones
and the ice cream van sang strange over the trees - 

we soaked ourselves in hours of kisses
hands wedged down the front of our jeans, touching
the place where skin became hair; the world heaved

doors bent from their hinges, foxes streaked and barked,
streaming out from god-knows-where,
bricks were rough against our backs,

and the sky was tight with gulls. 
We kissed until our edges ran
then I was racing down the alley, 

and she was kicking cans into the moon, 
leaving little dents of dust
and something loosened as I cried,

deep and dangerous as marsh, 
I couldn’t stop the wetness coming
I thought was going to drown

I thought the waters would take us all
swallow us down like quick sand.


  1. This is a very powerful. So many concrete details that make the experience alive and felt.

  2. a very powerful poem, I should have said


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