Hi there..
Sorry for the silence... I have been without internet access for a while, and busy with festivities. Not really any time to write at all, but walks by the sea and on Exmoor, and shopping and ice skating and lots of family time, amongst other things.
Here's wishing peace, joy and good health for 2014. May it bring much happiness.
I hope the desperate situation in Syria improves and my children are happy at their new schools. I'd like to write a good poem next year - just one stonker would be enough - and help welcome a new nephew or niece into this world.
I'm also turning forty which is hard to believe (in my head) but I'm sure not in others'...strange to be approaching middle age yet still feel young inside and out.
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I'm looking forward to telling you about some exciting poetry news in the new year - meanwhile I have a pile of enticing books to be read and some new running tights to get muddy. Not to mention loads of thank you letters to be written!
A bientot


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