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I'm pleased to have some poems forthcoming in the new issue of The Poetry Review, including one I wrote on the Arvon week at Moniack Mhor last August, and another one I shared for the first time there. They are about birds, lambs, sacrifice and fossils, though I hope, more than that, too.

Here's a preview of the cover - I like its retro feel and the typeface.

On a different note, I went for probably my last run of my thirties! (melodramatic I know) as I turn forty this weekend. It was one of those pleasurable, blessed runs, where I felt like I was running effortlessly into the light, on soft ground, with strong legs and a strong, beating heart.  I wish running was always like that but I'm also glad that it can't be made perfect, or indeed shaped by anything other than the self and its engagement with the earth.

Running feels like its been a constant in my life, from almost thirty years ago, when I discovered that I wasn't that bad at cross country. I hated hockey and netball and rounders, very much, and am still mildly amused to be described as "sporty" now.  My other constants are nature and words. And my parents and siblings. All of whom I love dearly...


  1. a friend of mine quipped that the cover looks like a woman in a red skirt taking a pee...then someone else that she'd eaten a bus as well..can't see it in quite the same way now!


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