Ah well, I didn't make it to the Aldeburgh 8. Although I got through a first cut, it was down to the most exciting poems in the end. I'm genuinely glad for those who are going (whoever they may be) and I hope to apply again another year (this was my first time) - with a whole new batch of poems. ..fingers crossed, it will happen for me at the right time, which seems to be how things work.


I've started on a longer fiction project. I'm only working on the ten minute rule. Ten minutes writing as a minimum every day. I'm writing it out rough in long hand and not really reading it back. Usually I end up doing more than ten minutes, but I haven't got carried away enough to do hours. I started it because it was more pleasant in the end to take charge and at least attempt something than have the nagging feeling of not doing it. If that makes sense! It's very early stages but I like the feeling of putting something more substantial together, even if it proves to be not very good and is only read by me.
A bit like the dictum: 'it is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all'


We did the North Downs Run on Sunday. It was fantastic. I ran with my sister and two other ladies/friends from her running club - the Springfield Striders. It was hot and fun, hilly and intense and I fell over a tree root near the end. Got some nice bruises. It reminded me how much I enjoy running, the challenge and adventure and feeling of strength and freedom.  Also that sense of earned exhaustion. How lucky we are. I loved running through the Kentish villages, downs and ancient woods.

Thanks for reading


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