Good things

Thought I'd do some quiet trumpet blowing ...

Firstly, I'm reading at the launch of South Bank Poetry 20 tomorrow at the Poetry Cafe. I'm really pleased to have a poem I wrote about London as the first in their commemorative issue. It's a great magazine and a prime example of a poetry endeavour that results from the hard work and vision of one or two passionate people. These 'little' magazines, reading series and publishers truly add to the lifeblood and richness of the UK's cultural life. Especially out of London, too.

Here's some details -

I was also chuffed to have a poem, Bats, chosen by the wonderful Liz Berry as highly commended in the Interpreter's House Poetry Competition. It'll be published in their next issue and I'm pleased the bats have found a home (roost).

Liz said in her judge's comments: "There are many wonderful poems about bats but this poem stayed with me for its rich and pleasing language, its lovely surprising imagery and its obvious craft. This was very nearly in the top three. Who could resist a poem which opens "Let us begin at slant-light..." ? Thanks, Liz.

Other news is I've got a new poem coming up in the next issue of Butcher's Dog which is another fantastic magazine. The last issue was full of good stuff from cover to cover and I'm sorry I can't get to the reading in Newcastle next month.

Finally, I was delighted to see this 'ere blog featured in the latest issue of the Poetry Society's Poetry News in an interesting article by the poet and blogger Robin Houghton on ... poetry and blogging. She interviewed five or six other bloggers, all more prominent than me, and it made for a thoughtful read in terms of the point of blogs and what makes them work. 

Right ... trumpet blowing over. Thanks for reading and happy April.


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