Something Gallant

Lots of loosely connected links to follow in this blog post but do bear with me as they're good ones and worth your time ;-)

I do like the deceptively throwaway tone of this love poem by Annie Freud from her latest collection, The Remains, published by Picador. It kind of sums up where I am at the moment: both in diction and content. love poems that come at the subject slant are my favourite and this is a good example -‘something-gallant’

I don't really know her work but look forward to reading her collection some time soon. Feels pretty good to be writing this speedy blog post while Gabriel sleeps.

In other news, it is only two months till the launch of my book, Slant Light, which is part of the Miriam Allott Visiting Writers' Series at the University of Liverpool.
I've got a couple of readings in north and south London lined up for later in the year, and the launch in Liverpool, on April 20th. It's beginning to feel like an exciting and real prospect.

You can book free tickets and find out details here -

And in May, the VOICED project is officially launched at the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve in May. I am really looking forward to seeing what the artists Lucia Montero and Duncan Robertson have done with our words and songs inspired by this unique place. They are working on a sound installation to be embedded in the reserve, which I think will be fascinating.
Here are some details on the event, and the artists/writers involved in the project -

Spring is coming; I can feel it in the light and the crocuses are beautiful this week; egg yolk yellow, imperial purple and rich cream. Are there any other crocus colours? Ive not seen any. The blackthorn by our house is in full blossom and the daffs are doing their coronal thing. I feel like this is going to be a good year. Thanks for reading.. till next time. x


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