If you go down to the woods today

If you're in London on a Saturday, I'd recommend heading down to the Bethnal Green nature reserve before the end of May to enjoy the Voiced installation. This is poetry written to be spoken and heard - far from the written page and dusty annals or ivory towers. Just voices/pulses in the air triggered by motion.

Five new poems-songs-charms inspired by this rich patch of land in the heart of the East End are embedded in the reserve and set off by footsteps or movement. This makes me wonder if a fox or magpie may trigger a poem and if so how it might react.. I suspect rather non-plussed..

Anyway ... these sound pieces are written to be heard, among the trees and ruins of St Jude's church. They are all quite different and non-linear and somehow the words combine with the space to make a multi-dimensional experience that weaves the past into the present.

I'm proud to have a poem - Charm for Delayed Birth  - and my voice - as part of the installation and hope the whole project enhances peoples' enjoyment and appreciation of the reserve with its layers of natural and human history.
For once when I heard my own voice, I didn't feel like cringing because it has been curated so well it springs from the setting it draws from.

Here are some details from the press release which you can read here -


Phytology: 7th May – 3rd September 2016
Bethnal Green Nature Reserve. Middleton Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 9RR
Admission, free.
Opening times: Saturday 11:00am – 6:00pm, and other times by appointment.
For more information and details about forthcoming events including the Campfire Club programme see www.phytology.org.uk


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