I wanted to post this in April when I scribbled it down but already we are past this point and into the inevitability of May

The plants and trees are changing daily here
April is the most vigorous of months
(Rough winds doth shake)
the shivering leaflets and wrapped buds,
astonishing cow parsley (bean stalk)
All around bird life
wren, a tick, calling loud
and birds everywhere with insects and grubs in their beaks
and birdsong everywhere
and on our decking a mouse with fine-boned hands who hunches over crumbs
and the wood anemone and bluebells
the greenery and growth like a cancer or foetus
multiplying and dividing unstoppably
stopper out of the bottle
and the sheer fresh green in the energy of the sun
and all across the shreds of cloud and a northerly wind
shaking the new leaves open
I touch a bud and feel its deep earth energy
walk the earth and soak it in
crazy april growth
eating itself


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