Forwards, Onwards

Hello blog, Oh I have missed you! It's been a wonderful summer but there has not been enough time to blog, really. Only to notice things.
The scrubland along the road is full of rosehips and berries, and seed heads and brittle thistles as late summer slides gracefully away.
Night falls suddenly and quietly, mercifully.
Who can smell change in the morning air? A tang of leaf litter and woodsmoke, a clean scent of matter breaking down. The trees are discarding their old layers, the sweet chestnut first to turn golden and brown.
Geese call overhead in their heavy bodies, forming and reforming into a wavering V over the traffic.
I love the melancholy and the fruition of this time. The baby loves blackberries. He is very nearly one and crams them into his mouth with the palm of his hand.
Anyway ..

A couple of poetry things.
Here's an interview I did with Sarah James, the poet and editor. (Incidentally we were at Cardiff University as post-grad journalism students together, 18 years ago. 18 years!) She's a wonderful force for good in poetry and I enjoyed thinking about Slant Light and answering her pertinent questions.

And I'm pleased to have a poem Highly Commended in this year's Forward Prizes. It's in the Forward Prize anthology 2017 which is a *wonderful* mix of voices and subjects, from Alice Oswald to David Harsent and Sharon Olds.
Details here -


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