Hi there
A few snippets of poetry stuff to share - as much for my records really as anyone else..

I was properly happy to win the Manchester Cathedral Poetry Competition, judged by Jo Bell,  and announced earlier this month on National Poetry Day, which makes me Manchester Cathedral Poet of the Year 2016.
Unfortunately I was unable to get to the reading and prize giving and have never been to Manchester, but this is something I will rectify!
The poem that won is called Breast. I will post it up here soon. The competition invited poems with a loose spiritual theme and this is something I am noticing I write about (and think about) a lot..
I have only written two poems since our baby was born a year ago so it is gratifying to get some external recognition for something directly inspired by looking after him. In this case breastfeeding in the small dark hours while rain rattles down on the roof and the house snores.

It is one of those rare poems (in terms of ones I have written) that I look at, and think 'yes'. I like it, I don't fully understand it, it excites me, I feel the music when I read it, and it goes to surprising places in the mind (well, of this reader anyway and hopefully others.)


Here is an interview I did with Dr Sam Solnick for the Literature and Science Hub at the University of Liverpool. It was interesting to engage with his questions.


I'm looking forward to reading this Saturday from Slant Light as a guest reader at the long-running Poetry at Palmers Green series in north London. Fellow readers include Katherine Gallagher and Kevin Crossley-Holland.


Finally, I had a poem on a Poetry Tree for National Poetry Day at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History - thanks to poet-in-residence Kelley Swain for spreading the theme of messages in such a fun way


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