Clouds, mayflies and Brexit

Just sharing a bit of good poetry news.

The rather fantastic Candlestick Press and the Cloud Appreciation Society ran a competition recently on the theme of clouds and I was really happy to discover my poem came second place.
I actually wrote this poem 'to order' as it were for the competition - and I knew I wanted to move away from descriptions of clouds into something more oblique and hopefully interesting.
I find writing to a theme a very good way of making myself write something new with a deadline in place.
You can read my poem below. It's a love poem, really, in loose sonnet form, and for me verges on the sentimental but hopefully with the language used treads on the right side of the soppy line. I'm pleased its going to be in one of their pamphlets which are beautifully edited and produced. They make good presents for non-poetry readers because the poems are presented in a very non-intimidating manner on lovely thick paper with quality artwork.

Im also really happy to have a poem, Mayfly Rising, in Nature & Sentience, part of the Contemporary Poetry Series by Corbel Stone Press.

I also have a poem about a salmon forthcoming in the next in the series Nature & Death.

Finally to continue the trumpet blowing I have a couple of poems in POEM magazine: Women on Brexit.
Very much looking forward to reading a diverse range of approaches to this enormous and profound topic.
Thanks for reading and listening to the trumpet..


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