Season's greetings

The bleak mid-winter is here and perhaps many of us are feeling the early darkness and noticing the bare trees. 
We adjust our lives to suit the hours of daylight. I spend more time inside with my little boy, playing puzzles and holding him close. The clarity of daylight and openings of blue sky are heightened in their brevity and beauty. I love seeing the trees' whole shape, their crowns.
I like this time when everything appears to sleep. It is necessary and restful. 

This beautiful little pamphlet makes an interesting and thoughtful alternative to a classic Christmas card. Twelve poems each worth your time and contemplation (one of them written by me).

If you join the Seren book club it is only £4. Why not support a vital press and send it to someone you love?


On another note, I enjoyed this interview with Jorie Graham in the Guardian. 
She talks about how reading poetry is different from reading fiction  - and this I think is key to reading poetry. To put down your analytical hammer and chisel,  and let it work (sing?) through you. 

 “Eliot is an example of someone who says, in The Waste Land, ‘suspend the desires of the conceptual intellect – the desire to know who’s speaking, where you are, what they’re about – and read with your ear, read with your body’. 
"If you’re not reading with the part that’s asking for a confession, but with your ability to associate, your intuition, your sense that this moves by analogy to that – you’re familiar with surrealism, symbolism, modernism, you understand that, as in film, things can be adjacent and the adjacency creates a glow of meaning – then you have no problem, because you’re not asking a poem to be a single individual narrative telling you about a life."


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