HI there! With the advent of spring, well the beginning of it, this blog peeps up from the earth like a yellow crocus to make its presence known..
It has been busy. I left my staff job as a journalist last Autumn and am now working as a freelance writer and poetry tutor. I have begun teaching poetry at City Lit and am excited to start this course in two weeks -


I also have this reading coming up in Waterstones, Tottenham Court Road


I've also got a couple of poem commissions underway  - one to write about the future of the internet and another about the nightingale. I have applied for lots of things and received plenty of rejections but just enough work to make this new life as a freelancer viable..

It is such a relief to not dread going to work any more and to feel more in control of how I spend my days and earn my living. All a work in progress, and sometimes a little scary, but an exciting life for me. Thanks for reading :-)


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