It's the night before the marathon

and I'm feeling quite excited, and a bit nervous, as there are many unknowns that come with this distance.
Training has been, 'sub-optimal' - one half marathon, a couple of 15milers and a twenty. But, it is my fifth marathon, and I know the mind is the biggest tool I have.
I've laid out my stuff, loaded my ipod with some tunes, and eaten lots of carbs. Going to wear my old comfy trainers which I've done two marathons in, and try to aim for between 4 and 4 hours 30.
I hope every one of the 36,000-odd runners, and their supporters, and the organisers, and everyone cheering everyone else on, all have a brilliant day.
I really want to get to four figures for Aiden Goodwin's Foundation, and I am going to be thinking of him, for sure, when it gets tough. His photo is on my back, shining through!
Here's the special t-shirt I'll be running in.


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