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Nightingales and other songs

It's been six months or so since I became a freelance poet/writer/tutor and while I am financially poorer I feel much happier and more autonomous, as if I am on the path I was meant to be. It occurs to me that part of growing older is understanding/knowing your self and who you are. Simple perhaps but a difficult awareness to achieve when you have not lived with yourself for very long. We are all of course multiple.. Anyhow, I thought I'd share a few self-promotional posts - I was happy to be commissioned by the think tank Nesta to write a poem about the future of the internet. It was a topic I had to come to from many different angles until I could make something I was happy with in an artistic sense. While at points it felt quite difficult as this is not necessarily the area I normally write about, it was good for me to push myself and the exercise actually resulted in two poems - a prose piece I have yet to send anywhere and this published one -   https://findingctrl.nes

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