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Poets & Players

This is a fairly unexpurgated and long trumpet-blowing post but if you can't blow your own horn on your blog then where can you, eh?!

I was pleased to win the Poets & Players poetry competition this year and travelled to Manchester last weekend for the prize-giving and reading at the Whitworth Art Gallery. The sun was shining and I was met my friends which all made for a very pleasant time but I thought, objectively, it was a fantastic city - cosmopolitan, radical but also very distinctively itself without pretension - yes I saw a man walking a ferret but I also saw a lot more visible political awareness than perhaps in London - far fewer tourists and encountered a lot of friendly people and interesting architecture that reflected its history without sweetening it or somehow commodifying itself. I felt very southern in my voice and bearing, too.  But I digress..

The judge for this competition was the marvellous Pascale Petit, who has just become the first poet to win the RSL O…

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