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Where I live

Summer is rolling on, into high summer and towards her corollary and I am already nostalgic for mid-summer when this was yet to be.

We live on the edges of outer, outer-London and are not blessed with spectacular forms of nature.  There are no great wildwoods, nor torrents, or indeed mega-fauna.  My daily paths are parallel to one of the oldest Roman roads - the A2 which is busy with traffic heading into London and out towards Kent and the ring of the M25. The traffic builds and falls as the day goes on, peaking at 5pm when it is full of lorries and white vans and estate cars, moving and then stopping.  Along the A2 then, and never far from its constant hum, the under-song of this place where the streets run into fields and they run into housing estates and into fields again.  There are a lot of horses here. And cars. Roads and roads of cars.
Quite often I find myself craving elsewhere, somewhere less built by humans, and less motorised. I imagine a beach in north Devon and looking into the…

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