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Henderson Island

Henderson Island, an uninhabited coral atoll in the eastern South Pacific has the highest density of anthropogenic detritus recorded anywhere in the world and almost all of it is plastic. Two thirds of this waste is not visible with 4,500 items per square metre buried to a depth of 10cm in the sand, according to new research.  About 13,000 new items are washing up daily. Even if we stopped using so much plastic now, I imagine it will continue to wash onto these shores for thousands of years. More details here - I wrote this in response to our "throw-away" culture and attitudes. I'm sorry for what we have done to the oceans and I write this on a plastic keyboard in a consumptive world. It's just a sketch or doodle, really. 
The Anthropocene
On Henderson Island pictures show a hermit crab in a plastic cup its plated body wedged into the red hard si…

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