The ineffable - how do we express what cannot be said?

Small Blue

Walking through woods one simple morning,

through curtains of light, sifted through leaves,

pollen and midges in Brownian motion,

I felt it, then, and I tried to catch it -

there and there - a Small Blue lighting,

printing each flower with presence

and I almost held it in my hand

as I knelt bare-legged in the sphagnum,

and felt it again, the sponge of the earth

sent up to the crown of the canopy,

and I touched it, again, and again I tried -

but it folded and flew at the sun,

low down now, its light consuming

everything, filling the back of my head.


  1. In case people don't know, the Small Blue is a species of butterfly, found in the chalky downlands and meadows of southern England. (It's outer wings are a speckly stone colour and the inner are deep blue).

  2. Just gorgeous. Your images evoke every sensation. And thanks for the clarification- I didn't know, but enjoyed it all the same ;) tara


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