Author photos

They are, of course, usually more flattering than reality. And something a reader will always study, intently, as if they can divine something about the writer from their eyes or smile, the angle of their gaze or the set of their jaw. All successful writing is a sort of held attention between the writer and reader anyway.
I've had that slightly unnerving experience of meeting a writer and finding them considerably older than their photo. Or with a marked feature that doesn't transmit itself in a 2D image.

Here's mine anyway - I let the editor choose one of two as I didn't mind which.

I found it a strange experience - what image to I want to present? Something true, something flattering but not sexualised, something of the self, whatever that is..Not taking myself too seriously but not too flippant or fey either. How interesting and complicated it is - how we present ourselves to ourselves, and to the world..An idea that is always in stasis, too, as we age.


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