London marathon updated

Hi there. It looks like I'm doing the London marathon again this year. I got an email offering me a media place (lucky) and couldn't think of a reason to say no to such a great opportunity.
So ... this gives me seven weeks training time - I will not be going for a PB this year. But I will try and finish, hopefully, a 10 mile run, a 15 mile run and a couple of longer ones. I *think* I can fit this in. This should ensure that hopefully it is a fun experience and I should be able to jog the final six miles with some dignity and pleasure!
At the moment, I go for short runs of about 4 miles a couple of times a week. I reckon I can run for an hour comfortably before I get tired. So I have a lot of work to do.
But the body is willing (I do believe there is such a thing as 'muscle memory') - and the spirit is willing, so I am pleased to be doing it again. I do wish I had known in January though.  When I start running, it feels like my body says "oh, you're doing this thing to me again" and after a few grumbles gets on with it again. Plus, because I haven't been running much, the familiar routes will have a freshness about them, particularly as spring comes, and even my music will seem fresher to listen to.
I'm planning to try and fit in a 10 mile run this weekend. Kind of looking forward to it!

I'm going to update this as I go along with my training.

Week One
A bug in the family affected my training plans for the weekend and I did no running at all for about 5 days.  So, finally did my first ten miles today. I am so slow! But I kept on plodding. 9.30 min miles. Felt pretty knackered after an hour. I have just signed up for the Tunbridge Wells half marathon this weekend so I can get a 13.1 miler "in the bank" or is it "in the tank" - anyway, that'll do me for the first week! I *wish* I had started my training earlier - I don't like doing things less well than I'd like..still, it is what it is, and I will enjoy it..and I'm lucky to be able to run.

The Tunbridge Wells Half was hard work but very gratifying. The first few miles, I was warming up and going too fast, as is my wont. The 3,4,5 were fine. After that, my body began to say 'this is where we normally stop' but I kept going, mentally working out what percentage was left. The hill from 6.5 to 8 miles was hard and I walked a bit - about 0.2miles. After that my Garmin died but I felt I'd broken the back of the race. Then a small voice inside me began to say "you're enjoying this" - and i was - I had forgotten I had missed running continuously and how good it can feel. The last few miles were hard. I took a gel and began to get the twinges of cramp. I visualised a park run. The support and scenery were equally motivating. Pretty Kentish villages and fields of greening winter wheat. I wasn't very fast - 1.56 - but I'm glad I got out there and did it, although I appreciate what a long way i have to go..

Total mileage - 23.1 m

Week Two

7m slow
3m treadmill
15 m slow. (9.30 min miles). This is hard-going!

Total mileage - 25m

Week Three

5.5m fartlek

Total - 15m. I should have done a long run but it was my 40th birthday party weekend!

Week Four
12m slow
2m jog
20m (@9.20 min miles)

Total mileage  - 34miles..

Week Five
11.5m slow with faster bits
16m long slow run
Im pretty slow and limited but "getting the miles in my legs"

Total mileage - 27.5m

Week Six
6m slow
7.5m slowish
6m @8.30min miles
5m as above

Total - 24.5m

Week Seven - *taper* >>>>


  1. good luck. unorthodox and inspiring


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