Beautiful May, with its fresh new leaves and cow parsley. So many variations of green.
Magpies fossicking for chicks, wood pigeons making clumsy nests. Still potential but already April has flown, it's blossom gone...
The days are noticeably lighter and longer and all grows for more sun. My favourite month.

May Queen

Then may I be Queen again
slipping through the cow parsley,
dog behind my shadow-train,
children waiting, patiently,
and all the fruit in the land
to ripen, all the bees working,
life in my hands, warm and pliant, 
the music of my heart
defiant and now
                                  the umbels hang
their heads, push stars 
of whiteness every May;
they grow on over me, the dog,
our rustling passageway, 
close behind us, bright heads bowing.


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