The Mary Evans Picture Library

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Just a quick one ...

Our poetry group, the Nevada Street Poets, were delighted to be invited to respond to one of many thousands of images at the Mary Evans Picture Library in Blackheath, this summer.
This wonderful building houses literally half a million images, from fine art to art deco to 70's advertising campaigns. Whatever you can think of, there will be an image of it...(within reason!)
My image below of the sculptor Charles Giron, produced a poem about the nature of art - and was chosen by fellow poet Kelley Swain.  I think we all made a point of choosing images for each other that perhaps would not have been our natural instinctive choices, and perhaps that made for quirkier, more suprising writing.
Anyway, you can read the poems below, in honour of National Poetry Day tomorrow.
And if any poets are reading this, you can respond to an image too, if so inspired, and send it in - details are on the site

Picture 10530690, portrait of the sculptor Jean Carries by Charles Giron, c.1880


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