There's a great website called Brainpickings which is full of insightful articles about creativity.  You can sign up for a weekly email of enriching stuff.

Here are some beautiful definitions of art, by-the -by - from the site -

As someone who has largely moved through life using intuition, I love these quotes from Ray Bradbury which I just wanted to share.

On the supremacy of intuition over rationalization, he says: "I never went to college — I don’t believe in college for writers. The thing is very dangerous. I believe too many professors are too opinionated and too snobbish and too intellectual, and the intellect is a great danger to creativity … because you begin to rationalize and make up reasons for things, instead of staying with your own basic truth — who you are, what you are, what you want to be. 
 I’ve had a sign over my typewriter for over 25 years now, which reads “Don’t think!” You must never think at the typewriter — you must feel. Your intellect is always buried in that feeling anyway."

Plus, this, below - Not getting and spending but getting by doing and risking and failing! Thanks Ray, and Brain Pickings. Inspirational.

I discovered very early on that if you wanted a thing, you went for it — and you got it. Most people never go anywhere, or want anything — so they never get anything."


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