Pocket Horizon - an update.

You may remember I wrote earlier this year about taking part in an exciting project involving eight poets and two museums.

The end result of this collaboration is a beautiful and unique new collection of poems with a foreword by Don Paterson, with two poems from everyone in our group.
We - myself, Lorraine Mariner, Mick Delap, Malene Engelund, Kelley Swain, Richard Barnett and Dominic McLoughlin - have written poems responding to two objects - one from the Whipple Museum of the History of Science and one inspired by objects in the 'Medicine Man' collection at the Wellcome Collection in London.

Pocket Horizon, a pamphlet of these poems with drawings by Cassie Herschel-Shorland will be published in October by Valley Press.

You can see a preview of the anthology here - 


The objects are intriguing - they include a Scold's Bridle, a collection of horses' teeth, artificial limbs, a wave machine, a Grand Orrery, and a gleeful memento mori worn on a chain.  I wrote about votive wombs and delicate glass models of fungus (as you do!)

We are launching at the Science Museum 'lates' on October 30th - with readings from all the poets and objects on display  - including a Pocket Horizon.  It is free, fun and there will be a bar ..

Here is a sneak preview of our cover - which I think looks beautiful. I'm proud to be part of the project and really looking forward to the launch. 


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