Gorgeous 11m run today in glittery glassy sun round Docklands, the water high and slapping onto pavements. Stiff east wind helped to push me up hills - I felt buffeted and free (and thirsty -when is Greenwich council going to turn the water fountains on again, eh? eh??)
Crocus spears coming through. Bright sunlight on the back of my retina. Perfecting the art of hands-free blowing nose movement whilst jiggling along. New trainers felt a bit weird but good I think. My left knee makes a funny popping sound when I go up stairs, as if I am a jointed doll or something. But it doesn't hurt. I am mindful of not doing too much too soon.
I seem to be developing a late night obsession with handfuls of dry Cheerios. How terribly wholesome.


  1. Love the blog! You're doing more miles than me fantastic effort fitting it all in...what with cystitis, snow, work, christmas, work, cold and holiday...it's not going well but hey ho my dear I'm not going to worry about it too much as there's only so much one can do!
    Did 20 yesterday (but that's it for the week) on old trail race route with club mate, lots of wintry showers and we stopped at 10miles sat on a bench and ate a cereal bar. Camel back (toe!!)is working well.

    Snowdrops out here now, and walking la zip in daylight before work.

    Happy Valentines.xx

  2. Hi Sa & Luce,
    I've just realised that I'll be flying out from Bristol airport (depart 7am) to Pisa on Sunday 25 April so am not going to be able to cheer you on. Blast it!
    Darn darn darn!
    sorry, Panda x

  3. bigses, never mind. At least you are going somewhere interesting hey?
    nice to see you here in this weird nesting place!


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