Wimped out today from a speed run. I find the speed runs hardest of all to do. It's the sharpness of the exertion - doesn't feel particularly pleasant. In fact it makes me feel bloody unfit. I suppose that is what makes you stronger Nietszche-like (can't believe I have just got the spelling of his name right first time)
Anyhow what I am trying to say is that i don't wimp out terribly often but today I just couldn't be arsed and had loads of other stuff to do (particularly transcribing old people's reminiscences for a writing project).
So I gave myself a day off. Maybe this is what people feel like when they're on a diet and they eat loads of Mars Bars or something. Kind of free but guilty. silly. what pressure on myself. It's only a bloody marathon. And it's meant to be FUN.
It's obviously some deep-seated control issue. Interesting. The sensible person in me says 'go to bed'. So goodnight.


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