facts and figures

According to statistics, this little stake of cyber-space has had over 4,000 page views so thank you for reading and sometimes returning. A few people have asked why I do this blog and I find it hard to answer as I'm not entirely sure myself. Something to do with my ego, with putting a small flag up in an infinite new territory, and the disclipline of writing and publishing a few thoughts. There is definitely something exciting about having readers thousands of miles away even if they have landed here accidentally. And if they like what they read enough to come back again. Running-wise, I've had a quiet week, with only twenty miles done, but will try and do a bit more this week before entering the 'taper'. The last three weeks I did over 120 miles so I don't think an easier week is a bad thing. My Garmin has died so I've got to work out if it's worth me investing in a new one. I got my marathon magazine the other day with a cool aerial picture of the route - made me feel very excited! Until next time..


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