Out into the world

I sent off some new poems to The Rialto today for the first time - this is one of the UK's best poetry magazines and the one probably closest to my own tastes with its mixture of short poems and experimental forms. It also has lovely artwork. I still get a childish sense of excitement sending my poems out into the world - no matter what the outcome - it feels a bit like releasing birds and hoping they find somewhere to nest (without sounding fey) .... and it makes waiting for the post a bit more exciting as sooner or later my SAE will come winging back to me. I like the idea of my small creations being out there, somewhere, and even returning to me if the time or place is not right. Other good news is that I have a poem in Lung Jazz: Young British Poets for Oxfam which is launched this week. This is a great anthology, full of readable, fun writing with contributors including Matthew Hollis, Owen Sheers and Lorraine Mariner. I haven't yet had time to read it properly but every poem I've read so far has had something special about it. You can buy it from Amazon, or let me know and I can get you a discounted copy. All profits go to Oxfam. Finally, on a charitable note, I am at 95 per cent of my marathon fundraising target for Demelza Childrens' Hospices so if anyone would like to donate just google my name with just giving. Thank you. Bye for now x


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